our volunteer program

As a 100% volunteer organization, PAW PRINT HEARTS enthusiastically welcomes all volunteers who share our goal of providing the best possible care for all our rescued dogs. Besides fostering or adopting a dog in need, there are many other ways in which you can make a meaningful contribution. Tasks include such activities as transporting dogs to and from adoption events or veterinarians, caring for our dogs at the events, or performing home checks along with:

  • Socializing...helping to socialize our dogs through playgroups along with weekly community outreach adoption events.
  • Exercise...weekly dog walking of our dogs.
  • Fundraising..helping plan and coordinate fundraising adoption events.
  • Transport...organizing and preparing our out-of-state transports. Driving some of these out-of-state transports, if qualified to do so.
  • Data Entry...assisting with keeping track of the voluminous information we keep on each and every dog.
  • Graphics Design...preparing flyers and posters to announce upcoming events, or to just get the word out about our dogs and our rescue.
  • Social Media....assisting with keeping up our Social Media pages. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

For additional information on how you can become a valued volunteer, please contact us at pawprintvolunteers@gmail.com or stop by any of our events to chat with us. Sometimes getting started is as simple as asking, “How can I help?”